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Honey-glazed Chesapeake Lobster Roll with Sweet ‘n Spicy Old Bay Dressing

Serves 4

Lobster Meat or Shrimp, peeled

1 Pound

Howell’s Standard Blueberry Honey

1 tsp

Olive Oil

1 Tbsp

Salt and Pepper

To taste

Top-sliced New England Buns

4 each


½ cup

Sour Cream

1/8 cup

Whole Grain or Dijon Mustard

1 Tbsp

Howell’s Standard Macadamia Honey

2 tsp

Lemon Juice

2 tsp

Lemon Zest

1 Tbsp

Chives, minced

1 Tbsp

Celery, finely chopped

2 ribs

Old Bay Seasoning

1 tsp

1. Turn grill on and heat to high.

2. Make a Honey glaze by whisking together the Olive Oil, Howell’s Standard Blueberry Honey and Salt and Pepper.

3. Skewer Lobster or Shrimp meat and coat with the glaze.

4. Cook the skewers on the grill until the meat is cooked through and nicely charred. While the meat is cooking, grill the buns and set aside.

5. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl until fully mixed.

6. Remove the grilled meat from the skewers and chop into medium-sized pieces and toss in the prepared sauce.

7. Divide the Seafood filling between each of the grilled Buns and serve.

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