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Grilled Peach Saltimbocca with Macadamia Honey

Serves 4

Ripe Peaches

​4 each

Fresh Sage Leaves

1 bunch

Prosciutto (or Bacon), cut in half

8 slices

Brie Cheese, sliced

3 oz

Howell’s Standard Macadamia Honey

4 oz

Black Pepper

To taste

1. Cut Peaches in to four quarters, discarding the pit.

2. Place a whole Sage Leaf and one piece of brie in the dimple in the center of each Peach.

3. Firmly wrap a slice of Prosciutto or Bacon around each Peach, securing the Sage and Brie in the center.

4. Grill the prepared Peaches over medium-high heat until the Prosciutto or Bacon is crispy and the Peaches are juicy and tender. Remove from heat.

5. Drizzle the Peaches generously with Howell’s Standard Macadamia Honey. Top with cracked Black Pepper and serve while still warm.

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